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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living the Mayan Calendar, A Sacred Count of Days

I didn't realize that my "itinerary" (using the term loosely, here) matched up with the 13 day cycle of the Mayan calendar called a trecena. As the days passed, each day sign and galactic tone becoming apparent in uncanny ways:

1/wisdom - the first five minutes of my first hike at El Morro National Monument and who do I see, peering down at me from high up on the cliff? None other than Cib (Mayans use a vulture or condor to represent wisdom. They are the smartest birds of the kingdom and perform essential life cycle tasks.)

2/earth - I watched the duality of sun setting and full moon rising from perhaps the biggest view of earth I'd ever seen, 8500' up, 360 degree views, 95 mile horizons (atop Park Point Overlook at Mesa Verde National Park)

3/flint - A high action day was spent hiking the Petroglyph trail, completely without human company until I reached a big red rock wall filled with prehistoric graffiti and ancestral voices. I've decided that Flints may receive the clearest guidance from stones and bones, as that has been my experience.

4/Storm - It was just like that, starting mellow and building into a thunder head of energy which culminated into the only truly awkward moment of my trip (not fit to describe here).

5/Sun - A day of empowerment and enlightenment was spent practicing and teaching my Mayan Daykeeping class at the Telluride Yoga Festival.

6/Crocodile - Another practicing and teaching day, integrating the Mayan and Vedic traditions in my "Yoga and the Year 2012" class.

7/Wind - Communicative, as we said our goodbyes to new and old yogi friends at the Yoga Festival, honored Sri Pattabi Jois (my tears flowed, and he wasn't even my teacher) and downloading my email for the 1st time in a week (ugh); reflective as I drove back out of the breathtaking San Juan Mountains and returned to sun baked high desert sage of New Mexico.

8/Night and 9/Seed – Please read Chaco Canyon Medicine blog to appreciate how these energies manifested.

Finally, 10/Serpent - While I was gifting my unused items to the locals in Albuquerque, someone at the ABQ "Sunport" was stealing my jewelry from my checked baggage. Stay flexible!



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