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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Summer Solstice Journey to Guatemala, an Opportunity to Pray and Serve , June 16 - 29

Mayan Shaman Don Juan presiding over fire ceremony

This Mayan journey has been modularized into two parts, Pray and Serve, each emphasizing a different approach to understanding the contemporary Maya while renewing personally and spiritually in the process.
Some may wish to participate in Part One "Pray" hosted by BJ Sadtler (pictured right) and/or Part Two "Serve" hosted by Allison Haynes (pictured with the El Remate garden club below) depending upon interests and budgets.
These two endeavors will all come together at the sacred site of Tikal on Summer Solstice, June 21. All aspects promise to be rewarding and heart opening experiences, right in the spiritual heart of the hemisphere, Guatemala.

Part One: Pray
A Spiritual Tour in the Highlands and Lowlands of Mayaland
June 16 - 24

In the Guatemalan highlands:
  • Explore the highlands in a traditional Mayan Quiche village famous for vegetable growing on the emerald green slopes of sacred volcanoes, sacred hot springs and praying to Maximon, the venerated folk saint.
In the Guatemalan lowlands:
  • Swim, relax, bask and meditate on Lake Peten, a beautiful body of water near Tikal
  • Visit the Mayan sacred site of Tikal on Summer Solstice at sunrise
  • Pray in the sacred circle and fire ceremony conducted by Mayan shamans
  • Learn and/or participate in the empowerment of women gardening project (see more below)

Part Two, Serve June 19 - 29
Empowering women to build and maintain their vegetable gardens the village of El Remate
on the shores of Lake Peten
near the sacred site of Tikal
in the lowlands of Guatemala

We will learn, laugh and love as we work with local women to build and maintain vegetable gardens for the care and feeding of their families. Empowering ourselves while empowering others, working with the NGO Ix-canaan helping Guatemalans for 17 years.

On summer solstice, we will journey to the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, where we may listen to ancestral voices among the stones. This is an auspicious day for a Mayan fire ceremony. Sacred Mayan time calculates June 21 as 13/Transformer.

When it comes time to relax and renew we will be at a wonderful lakeside hotel Gringo Perdido. A great place to meditate, swim, practice yoga on the new deck and eat two delicious and nutritious meals a day.

Part 1, Pray

Pay as you go, budget $75 per day for lodging, food, transportation, donations. Plan on double occupancy. This does not include airfare or discretionary spending (shopping, tips, healing, or park entrance fees, etc.).

Part 2, Serve

$1200 for 10 days of accommodations at Gringo Perdido, transportation, two meals per day. Does not include airfares, tips or donations to guides, shamans, healers or BJ's teachings or services.

Deposit: 50% required upon registration by Monday, May 3, 2010
Balance Due: 50% required by Monday, May 31, 2010
Fee does not include airfare, gratuities, or other discretionary expenditures.

Need more info?

Contact BJ at 630.334.7826 or

Allison Haynes at 714.271.5103

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