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Monday, June 7, 2010

Conscious Convergence Ceremony & Celebration, July 17-18, 2010

To support the ongoing, worldwide effort to reach a critical mass of higher frequency, unity consciousness, we are hosting a gathering for Conscious Convergence in my garden in Glen Ellyn, IL (near Chicago) on Saturday, July 17th, with the rain date being Sunday, July 18th. or 630.334.7826 for directions.

Here are the details:

  • Arrival and Sacred Circle Formation 5:30-6:00 PM
  • Drumming, Dancing, Chanting
  • Conscious Convergence Meditation
  • Mayan Fire Ceremony
  • Potluck Feast
  • Departure 10:30 PM
What to bring:
Please bring your instruments and nutritious contribution to the feast, if you wish.
Offering materials for the fire ceremony will be provided.

Monetary donation for the Mayan's environmental relief and cultural preservation funds are much appreciated.

Who is presiding:
Drumming - Karen Tlusty and Pamela Myers have brought their well-cultivated drumming group to many ceremonies for many occasions over the years. Always open to new rhythms, participants and instruments, this group rocks, creating an expanded healing space in so doing. Ahau!
Guided Meditation - Lead by BJ, inspired by Joseph Giove of Common Passion and guidance from her trusted nawales.

Mayan Fire Ceremony - Shuni Giron (aka Shunmantla-Fenix) is a native of Guatemala, proud mother and Mayan spiritual guide. Shuni studied with Tata Pedro Cruz, an Ambassador of World Peace in Guatemala and completed her thesis on the "Mayan Tree of Life" Tata Juan Ulin from the Ministry of Culture and Sports in Guatemala.
Besides her interest in Mayan calendars, she practices Naturopathic medicine, alternative therapies, is founder of a non-profit organization Kasa Kame (Kasa de Artes Magnificas y Espirituales) which produces holistic and artistic festivals. Shuni was a collaborator and spiritual guide for the Maya Unification ceremonies in Tikal in 2008-2009. Her current project is writing, performing and producing the puppet show "The Dance in Xibalba" taken from the Mayan sacred book the Popul Vuh. The debut of this production will be at 5:00 PM in the Crystal Ballroom at Navy Pier in Chicago on August 27, 2010.

Donations collected from the Conscious Convergence will be allocated to this and other Mayan service projects.

Words of Wisdom about the Mayan Fire Ceremony
"Here is where the elders observe the behavior of new generations. Around the sacred fire is where we invocate the spirit of Ahaw, the spirit of our ancestors and our collective spirit. With 260 movements, everybody becomes fire and time. Then, the highest wisdom of human behavior and the power of the sacred calendar manifest. First, it is like feelings and then it becomes wisdom. We accept who we are truly, with all of our possibilities and abilities made convenient to you.
Every ceremony is a meditation, the calendar is the key to activate our consciousness, to regenerate our body, mind and spirit. It is basically the understanding of the unity within the cosmos and the respect for the supreme Universal consciousness.
This experience can only be felt and never described. All together, this reveals pureness, sweetness, sacredness of the present time. To feel that the Earth is our Mother, she is alive, she speaks , she sings, she laughs and cries. She is very powerful.
Whoever gets this feeling will not remain the same. Desires will change to feelings. You can find the magic or reality, of something you never thought of before. This is contemplation without words. Each altar has it's center, the mythological umbilicus of the world, from it rises the sacred tree of life, La Ceiba, which is the communication between Earth and Sky. It is the fountain of wisdom of life.
Each material has a meaning, but it is really the intention what matters. It starts with a circle of sugar, symbolizing the unity, the Earth. The sugar is for our hearts, for a long life. A sweet one!
The six candles are for the six cardinal directions. The red, black, white and yellow are the four colors of humanity and the four kinds of maize in Mesoamerica. The Maya believe that the present generation of humanity are the men and women made from corn.
You can bring anything you like to offer the fire. Flowers, seeds, water, fruits, bread, tobacco, incense. Remember that this is a combination of intention and faith, but the most important thing to offer is yourself.
Each ceremony brings forth the magic of this and other worlds. You become carriers of the wisdom and will emanate it from your heart at all times.
May the heart of the heavens and heart of the earth, heart of the water and heart of the fire lead and protect you on your journey back home.

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